About the Products

All of our products are hand-crafted, and one of a kind piece. Each step is made by hand, and it is where you feel the artisans’ will and effort.

Because of this nature, they have different characteristics compared to mass-produced tableware. Please read this section carefully before your purchase, so that you can enjoy exploring the immense world of Japanese pottery.

Each piece is different

Even if the original designs are same, the hand drawing will be different in each piece, with their own individual characteristic and originality.

Intentional imperfections

You will find imperfections which are intentional. It gives a warmth that you cannot get from a precisely printed design.


During the firing process, glazed pottery sometimes has something that looks like cracks on the surface. These are called “Kannyu”, and it is used to enhance the glassy texture, deepening the color of the glaze.


The natural clay materials contain certain amount of iron. They turn into black spots during the firing process. This is called “Teppun”, and inevitable when using natural clay. The reason you rarely see them in mass produced pieces is because they only use processed clay removing all impurities, thus losing the character of the natural material.


“Pinholes” occur after the initial firing when organic elements of the clay are burnt, resulting in small holes. This tends to occur when products are sun dried or natural- ash glazed.


“Ishibase” occurs when small rocks in the clay come up to the surface upon firing. This results in small cracks or you may find the rock on the surface.

Dents and chips

Dents and chips sometimes occur when making the bottom. It should be fine as long as the product sits well on the table.

These are the characteristics of hand-made crafts, and considered to be normal, not defects.

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About Pre-Order Items

Artists start to make pre-ordered items after order is placed, so allow 3-6 months for delivery. (possibly more due to characteristics of handmade product)

Returns and Refund

All of our products are hand-crafted by small artisans who cannot afford to hold inventory, thus we cannot accept exchanges on ordered items.

We only accept returns of items that are unused, and only within 7 days of receiving your order.

Your original shipping charge is not refunded, and you will be also responsible for the return shipping charges.


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