About Us

Hanada opened in 1977 as an utsuwa shop and is located in the Kudan area of Tokyo, close to the Imperial Palace. Our goal is to enrich the dining experience by providing the finest tableware for daily use. To date, Hanada has handled over 20,000 unique pieces, working directly with over 300 utsuwa artists.

Food, the main character
– Utsuwa, the supporting cast

Naturally the heart of any dining scene is the cuisine presented and the people gathered around the table. The food is central, and is supported by the tableware. To us at Hanada, the role of tableware is to provide context and accent to food and drink, in order to bring out the best they have to offer.
In these times, lifestyle and food culture are constantly evolving and changing. Hanada is an integral part of that evolution, working daily with the artisan community to source and provide tableware that adapts to new trends while remaining grounded in Japanese tradi on.


2-2-5-1F Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 102-0074
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