Japanese Tableware

Japanese handmade tableware is called utsuwa in Japan. The purpose of utsuwa is to enhance the enjoyment of eating, yet they are neither just functional tableware nor just art, instead combining elements of both. We can engage with these vessels directly and emo onally, while developing and refining our own interpretations of them. At the same time, and perhaps most importantly, we can use them every day, enjoying the skill, character, and lifestyle of the artists who made them.

Just as Japanese food varies according to the season and location, so too is there great variety in Japanese tableware.
The materials used range from ceramics and porcelain to glass, lacquer, and bamboo, while the rich palette of colours ranges from white porcelain, to celadon green, to blue & white ware. There is further, endless diversity in shape, taste, and size. There is great delight to be found in savouring the unique combina on of elements found in each individual utsuwa.